Her Husband’s Friend – Part 1 (While He Is Away)

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Welcome to my new story on this site. Now, I’ve decided to post as many parts of this series as I can before moving to another running series.

Special call to Amar and Varsha, who influenced me to write this series. I know you’re reading this, guys. Hope you’ll have fun.

Enough talk. Let’s get to the story…

~Story starts

Amar, 28 and Varsha, 27, were a newly married couple. They were originally from Bangalore, but when this happened, they were living in Kolkata.

Amar was a good looking man, but Varsha was like a heavenly woman in a religious text. 34C boobs, meaty lips, and whitish skin. She had everything that could even turn a gay man straight.

Obviously, if she wanted to she could have sex with just about any man she wanted to with her charms, but she was a good woman who remained faithful to her husband.

Amar was a businessman who had little time to spend with his wife, while Varsha was an interior engineer. They often worked at different times of the day so they couldn’t be together very much and even when they could, Amar was too tired to have sex with her.

According to Varsha herself, she wasn’t feeling satisfied with Amar for multiple reasons, one major reason being that he didn’t have sex with her as often as she wanted. She had sex with her like once or twice a week while a beautiful, healthy woman like her needs sex much more often to feel satisfied.

Now, Amar was in fact a loving husband. But, he didn’t have time to care about this one thing, unfortunately.

This is when he met a guy from Sri Lanka. Let’s call him Sandy.

Sandy was writing erotic stories as his hobby. What he did back in his homeland was something nobody knew but he was in India, from time to time.

After reading a story by Sandy, Amar felt very aroused, and that night, after a long time, he left her wife satisfied the next morning.

Amar didn’t forget to email Sandy and thank him for his story. Sandy was glad that he could bring a married couple closer through his work.

But when Amar himself asked Sandy to get to know his wife and talk to her, Sandy wondered what was up.

Amar asked Sandy when he would be back in India. When Sandy received this message, he was in India already so he let Amar know.

Just as he thought, Amar asked Sandy to come pay a visit to their home in Kolkata. Sandy accepted, wholeheartedly. He was kinda impatient to meet Amar’s beautiful wife. How did he know she was beautiful? Well, Amar had sent a photo of them both before and Sandy hadn’t shied away from admiring her beauty, right at her husband.

Sandy had a hard time finding their home address, but he wasn’t gonna give up and disappoint his new friend. When he finally arrived at his friend’s doorstep, on foot, with his luggage on his back, it was around 10 pm.

“Is this Amar’s house?” Sandy asked out loud at their gate. Then, the couple was at home and Amar was preparing to leave.

“Who’s talking aloud and in English at this time?” Amar asked as he got outta the house. It was the first time he was Sandy.

Sandy looked nothing like what Amar expected to see. Sandy was clearly a muscular person, who was well over 6 feet tall and significantly darker than even Amar, let alone his fair wife, Varsha. His beard and hair were shaven around and his hair was trimmed on the top of his head, making him altogether look like an African boxing player.

The way he was holding his luggage easily, was evidence of his almost superhuman strength. “This is the sex story writer?” Amar couldn’t believe it.

“Are you Amar? I’m Sandy,” he introduced himself with a smile.

“Sandy! I’m glad you made it,” Amar said as he opened the gate and welcomed him. He was holding his luggage with his left hand so he shook Amar’s hand with his right hand.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, now, Amar. I’m not here to stay,” Sandy said with a wide smile. “But if you can recommend me some place around, that would be great. After all, I came all this way to see you-.”

“-Oh come on, you can stay here tonight.”


“-enough talk, come inside,” Amar said as he took Sandy’s luggage away from him. He almost dropped it. It was that heavy.

“Damn…please tell me it’s not a bomb you have inside this,” Amar said, jokingly. Sandy laughed aloud.

“Haha…no. bharat mata ki jai, my friend. I love this country right after my own…that should be your wife, right?” Sandy said, pointing towards the beautiful woman who just walked outta the house, wearing a top and long pants.

“Yup, that’s my Varsha. Varsha, this is my friend, Sandy,” Amar said, introducing them to each other.

“Nice to meet you, Sandy,” Varsha said, taking his right hand in hers.

“You too, Varsha. You make Amar the luckiest man on earth, don’t ya?” Sandy said, winking.

When she held his hand, she felt his strength. He wasn’t squeezing her hand too hard, but there was something that she hadn’t felt in her husband. After all, Sandy was a bigger, darker, somewhat also scarier person than Amar and she was already feeling submissive to him.

She also saw his growing bulge through his pants. His cock was certainly larger than that of Amar. She was sure about that already.

Sandy shook her hand once and left, but Varsha was holding his hand yet. Sandy seemed puzzled.

“So…are you gonna let go of my hand or what?” He asked with a wide grin. Varsha immediately let go of his hand.

“Come in, Sandy,” Varsha said as she walked inside the house. Sandy turned towards Amar.

“I gotta…go now, Sandy. I’m really sorry but work, you know,” Amar said, walking outta the gate.

“Get this locked while I’m gone, Sandy…bye!” He said, leaving.

Sandy was feeling weird. Why did this man had no problem leaving him alone with his young, beautiful, very likely horny wife?

Still puzzled, Sandy walked into the house.

He was still holding the luggage when Varsha came towards him.

“Give it to me, Sandy. I’ll keep it somewhere,” she said, trying to take it away from his hand.

“It’s kinda heavy, Varsha.”

“Come on, I’m not that weak.”

“Okay.. easy,” he said as he left the luggage in her hands. She immediately dropped it.

“Oh…sorry, Sandy. It really is heavy.”

“I told you,” Sandy said as he took it in his hand again. “Where shall I put this?”

“That one is your room, Sandy. You can put it there,” Varsha said, pointing at a room.

“Thank you for everything, Varsha. When he asked me to visit him, I didn’t know he wanted me to stay here for a night too,” he said as he went inside.

He kept the luggage aside, got naked and went for a bath.

After the bath, he came back and got dressed in his pyjama shorts when he heard Varsha calling.

“Sandy, come here. Let’s talk,” Varsha called him. Sandy went to the living room.

Varsha was sitting on the couch. Sandy sat on a seat on the opposite side. Varsha smiled.

“Is that how you come to your friend’s wife, Sandy? Half naked?”

“Sorry, Varsha, I wasn’t expecting to stay here. I was hoping I’d find a lodge, you know,” he said. She just smiled.

“Mh…come on, Sandy. Come and sit by me on the couch,” Varsha said. Sandy stood up and closed in, still puzzled.

“Well, okay,” Sandy said, and then, Varsha held his left hand with her both hands and pulled her to the couch. Sandy seemed astonished.

“You look scared, Sandy. Why? Do I look scary?”

“Uh…nothing like that, Varsha.”

“So, let’s talk…”

They talked a lot. About their work, their lives…everything. Little by little, Sandy diverted the topics to more and more sexual stuff.

He first asked her about her boyfriend before Amar. She despised him and didn’t wanna talk about him.

He then told her about his erotic story writing hobby and that Amar read his work. He asked her to read them too.

He opened a story on his phone and asked her to read a bit. As her eyes ran through it fast, she could sense something waking up inside of her, fast.

He then admired her look. She thanked him.

“You know, Varsha…I don’t mean to offend you but, you kinda turn me on, you know,” Sandy said, getting a little closer to Varsha.

Varsha looked at him with a little smile. She saw his bulge, now even larger than before, in his pants.

“I’m your friend’s wife, Sandy,” Varsha said, trying to move away from him but she was already at the left end of the couch.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, Varsha,” Sandy said, getting even closer. Now he was almost touching her body.

~Sex starts

“Sandy…no. this…this is wrong,” Varsha said trying to push him away with her both hands, but Sandy held each of her hands with each of his, sending his fingers through hers.

“This is perfectly fine, Varsha,” he said as he held her hands tightly in his. He wasn’t hurting her but his strength was enough to keep her in that position.

Varsha felt her resistance weakening, as her fingers resisted his, less and less, and as he finally let go of her hands, she just let them fall to the ground.

Sandy’s darker skin, muscular body and imagining his larger cock, was weakening her inside and out already.

“This is so wrong,” she said, looking down. She was looking at his bulge, actually, and saw it was bigger than ever now. “But at the same time…thinking about having sex with my husband’s friend while he’s away, really turns me on too. I want you, Sandy,” she said as she slowly placed her palms on his cheeks.

“I want you so badly now,” she said in an airy voice, looking at Sandy’s eyes, as her eyes were getting wet with tears.

“Baby, it’s okay, don’t cry…I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“I’m not sad, Sandy,” Varsha said with a smile. “I’m happy, that your big cock is gonna finally satisfy this unsatisfied housewife.

“Fuck me, Sandy. Fuck your friend’s wife while he’s away. Oh, this makes me so horny.”

~Foreplay starts

Her hands were on his cheeks and his were on her waist. Slowly they closed in, and then, their lips got pressed against each other’s.

“Mm…mlam…mlam…” they started kissing each other’s mouths, passionately as their hands were running all over each other’s bodies.

As he hugged her tight, her big tits were crushed against his chest and she felt that. She felt her losing breath, under the iron grip of his arms but she didn’t stop him. She didn’t even complain.

He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, as he held her ass cheeks and pulled her up, taking her legs around his hip. He took her to his room. He put her down on his bed at once.

“Ah,” she exclaimed as he pulled his mouth close to hers, taking her hair in both his fists, pinning her head in position on the bed.

“Sandy…mmmh…” Varsha tried to say something but was silenced by a kiss. They started eating each other’s mouths, sucking tongues and biting lips now and then. His bites on her lips and her tongue were like light stings. They hurt her just about the amount to arouse her even further.

Suddenly he broke the kiss. He held her each wrist in his each hand and pulled them until they both were above her head. He held her both wrists in his left hand, and he held her neck in his right. He tightened his grip, Varsha’s air pump got a little pressured.

“Are you gonna strangle me to death, Sandy?”

“Never, my darling,” he said as he closed in, kissed her lips once and broke again. He was holding her neck so she couldn’t come in for the kiss. She looked at his eyes with a look filled with love.

He repeated kissing her lips like that two or three times before slowly laying on top of her and hugging her tightly, holding her each elbow with his each hand and pressing her against each other below her body.

Once her elbows hit each other, he left his grips and continued to slide his arms below her body until she was tightly held against him, below him.

“Mlam…m’aaah,” she started moaning as he broke the lip kiss and started eating her elsewhere. He bit her chin, then her left jawline, and then the left side of her neck down to her collar area, and then her collar area. His bites were hurting her, but they were only running her even wilder and making her squirm even in his tight grip.

“Ahhh…Oh god, Sandy…You run me so wild, my darling…nobody has done this to me before…” Varsha moaned, gripped like a trapped mouse.

He was leaving reddish bite marks all over her white skin, all the way down to where her cleavage started. She was still dressed in her top so he couldn’t reach any further. This was when he pulled his hands away from under her body and placed them over her tits, playing his elbows on the mattress.

“Ahhh…mmmh… Oh god…Sandy… oh that feels so good…” Varsha moaned, squirming, as he kept squeezing her tits over her top. He was squeezing to half their real size, and it was hurting her, but she enjoyed submitting her tits to this string, strange man.

“Oh baby, I love your titties so much. These are gonna be the softest meat imma eat…arrh,” he said as he started lightly biting her tits over her dress, squishing them in his rough, big hands.

“Oh my God…Sandy! You’re so crazy…” Varsha moaned, squirming in bed. Her eyes were closed, mouth wide open, and her face had turned towards the rail of the bed, which was towards the same side as their heads.

After hurting her tits over her top, he got his face and his hands away.

“Take them out,” he said, kneeling, to give her some space to release her goodies. His knees were on both sides of her legs.

She quickly lifted herself up on her elbows and started taking off her top, and then her bra. Soon enough, she was laying under him, half-naked.

No words were needed. He fell on her, grabbing both of her tits in his hands, and started squeezing and eating them and their nipples.

“Aah…oooh…fuck…” She kept moaning as he kept working himself on her tits.

Once he stopped and slowly put his right-hand index and middle fingers on her lower lip. She kept looking at him, not moving a muscle.

He slowly pushed down her lip and pushed in his fingers.

“Lick them, baby. Make them wet,” he said. She sucked them greedily.

He pulled out his fingers and pinched her left nipple. He then drew circles on her areola with his sticky finger.

“Oh my God…” She moaned again. She had already started getting wet under her panty.

Once his fingers dried up, he placed his mouth on her right nipple and bit it, lightly.

“Ahhh,” she hissed, arching her back and squirming a bit, as he kept his nipple bitten in his teeth, before releasing it and starting to eat her tit.

“Slurp, slurp…”

“Aaah…shit, Sandy…mmm…ah.”

He ate, and squeezed her tits, simultaneously, before planting kisses on her, down to her belly button.

He licked the insides of her belly button and bit it too.


He continued until he reached the tip of her pants.

She knew what to do. As knelt by her right side, she quickly got rid of her pants and panty and put them aside.

Now she was laying in bed, fully naked. He was looking at her shaved wet pussy in total astonishment.

“Oh God,” he said as he rubbed his cock over his pants. She was so wet she wanted him to get naked and start fucking her right there right now.

He placed his right thumb on her slit and rubbed it up and down, before pressing it.

“Aaaa…ouuh…mmmh…” She moaned, biting her lower lip, and arching her back.

He slowly rubbed her erect clitoris with his thumb. She was afraid he would crush it, which could have been extremely painful, but he was very careful with it.

She was now convinced that inside this hard body, there’s a soft heart that cared for the soft female body under him.

When he placed his mouth on her pussy, she was suspicious of having his teeth on her soft parts, but he was careful with her.

He worked his tongue, and his right thumb in her pussy, while sliding his left hand up her body and groping her right tit, as her right hand was on his left arm and her left hand was on her head, pressing him even further into her pussy, as she crazily squirmed, arching her back.

“Aaah…Oh god…fuuuck…I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come…Aaah!” She screamed as she bent her back so much it almost snapped, her eyes opened and rolled upwards, and she released loads of her love juice on his face, one after another.

~foreplay ends

“Oh, God…Oh fuck…Sandy…nobody has done that to me before,” she said in a breathy voice.

“Maybe it’s time we move to the big showdown?” Sandy said, getting outta his pants.

Seeing the size of his manhood, her eyes widened.

“My goodness, Sandy…that thing will surely rip me in half!” She exclaimed. Sandy smiled.

“Well, if you don’t want it-.”

“-No! Please…” She pleaded, interrupting him. “Gimme your big cock, Sandy. Touch me in depths my husband has never touched me. Satisfy me like I never have been ever before…please,” she pleaded, looking at him sensually.

It was obvious to him that she wanted this. He grinned.

~Intercourse starts

He didn’t say a word. He slowly laid on top of her, placing his gland on her pussy. As he slowly laid on her body, his cock slid into her wet pussy. Her legs were wide open at the centre.

“Rrr…Aaah, fuck!” She screamed, with her eyes shut tight and her head thrown back, as his cock widened her pussy even farther than her boyfriend or her husband had. She squirmed so he slid his arms around her body and held her tightly against himself, as he kept pressing in.

He pressed in as deep as he could and stayed there. He got her legs locked by sliding his legs around hers, which pressed her inner walls against his cock even further and made her feel his cock even larger…which means she was hurt even more.

“”Aaah…fuck! Oh God, Sandy your cock is so big.”

Sandy pushed some hair away from her face, and kissed her lips once. “Does that still hurt you, baby?” He asked as he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes.

“No, baby, and it doesn’t matter even if it does. I’m yours. Do me however you think you should.”

Sandy slid his hands towards her hair below her body and held her hair tight in his arms. He pulled her hand down, making her turn her face towards.

“Aaah,” she let out a slight moan, as her face was forced upwards.

He held her in that position, and got out of her, and got in, this time, at once.

“Ah,” she hissed. He started fucking her, increasing his pace.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she hissed each time he fucked her. He bent down and placed his face against the left side of her neck. He licked, sucked and slowly bit her neck.

“Aaah,” she moaned when he bit her. He then released her hair and as she looked back at him, they shared a kiss, with their eyes closed.

He broke the kiss, but kept looking into her eyes, as he pounded her again and again, and soon enough, faster than she could count.

“Rrh, rrh,” he was groaning with each pump, biting his teeth.

“Aaah…fuck!” She moaned, and screamed, with her eyes tight shut. Her face looked like she was in some severe pain, while in reality, it was pleasure she had a hard time handling. He kept pumping her with his full force, and his face looked scary now.

The way she pumped her didn’t look human at all. His strength, not just physical but also sexual, seemed like something beyond that of a human. Crushed among his limbs and his body, weak and submissive, Varsha had no choice but to take it all. Her hands were on his back, pressing their nails against his skin.

With each thrust, her back was arching and loosening, on a repeated process. Her mouth was open all the time, and her eyes closed.

“Rrh, rrh, rrh.”

“Aah, aah, aah.”

“Rrh, rrh, rrh…rrrrrh!” He ended up his fast fuck with a deep thrust, that hit her deeper than ever.

“I’m gonna come…aaah!” she let out a loud, painful moan, as her eyes rolled and her fingernails dug deep into his back, making him bleed. Her legs were thrown around his ass, pulling him further into herself, as she shivered and came again.

“Arrh,” he screamed as he bent down and bit her neck, harder than before. He felt her blood on his lips. He didn’t care. He was far from caring.

He again hugged her tight, and now started pumping her hard. Slowly out, at once in.

“Ah…Ah…Ah…” She hissed each time he penetrated her in, rubbing his back, with both of her hands, looking at his face.

He got her meat on her back squeezed in his fists as he kept pumping her.

“Ouh…Sandy…you are…so powerful…fuck,” she moaned and ended with throwing her head back, opening her neck to his eyes, again.

He held her waist in his hands and straightened up, sitting on the bed and taking her in his hands. His cock was still inside of her but now she was sitting on his crotch, with her legs around his hip.

He slowly let go of her arms, still holding her, not letting her fall back on the bed. As she threw her arms around his head and pulled him in for another kiss, he started pumping her again, moving his ass back and forth.

As he kept pumping, she broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, with her palms still on his both cheeks.

“Now ride me, baby,” he said as he stopped fucking her and bent back a bit, holding her neck in his both hands.

“Coh…” She coughed, holding his each forearm with her each hand as he started moving her up and down, making her ride his cock.

She too was pushing up and down, having her legs placed on both sides of him. She was losing breath because of his grip on her neck, but the pleasure was overwhelming so she didn’t care.

That was when he started lightly hitting her. He held her neck in his left hand and kept slapping her left cheek, with his right hand.

“Ggk…Aaah,” she moaned each time he slapped her. She was surprised how even his slaps were making her want him more. Each slap made her shut her eyes tight and open them again, only to get slapped again.

Once her cheek was red with his slaps, and her hair was a kinda mess now, he started slapping her tits, all the while holding her neck with his left hand and guiding her up and down.

“How can you fuck me so hard for so long, Sandy?” Varsha asked, going up and down on his dick.

“Well,” he said as he stopped slapping her tits and held her neck with both hands. Her tits were now red due to his slaps. “It’s in the genes, for the most part.”

“How hard can you actually fuck, Sandy?”

“As hard as you want me to, baby,” Sandy said with a smile.

He then turned her around and took her under his body again, but this time, he placed her on her left side, took his right hand away from her neck, held her right thigh, pulled it up as much as possible exposing her pussy, and started fucking her as he laid on her.

“Aaah…” She let out long, loud moans as she kept looking at his face.

“Ah…Ah…” Her moans later changed into quick timely ones as he started lightly slapping her right cheek with his left hand.

“You like it when I slap you?”

“Coh…Yeah, baby,” she said, as her eyes were watering.

“Would you want me to plant my seeds in your womb, huh?”

“Coh…yes, yes Sandy…plant your seed in my womb…make me your whore,” she cried in ecstasy.

He pounded her a few times more.

“Rrh…Rrh…here I come…Aaah,” he moaned as he opened his man pipe into her tunnel of love. He held her in place until he felt like that was it.

His cock retracted and with a little movement in his body, fell outta her pussy.

~Intercourse ends

“Oh, God…Sandy, that was awesome, my darling,” she said, totally exhausted and sweaty. Her cheeks and her tits were red with his slaps and on her neck was a very visible bleeding bite mark given by him.

Well, his back was worse, with ten nail wounds made by her.

“Thank you,” she said, still looking at his eyes, as he slowly laid by her in bed, exhausted.

~Sex ends

She tried to sit, but fell right back to bed. She couldn’t even feel below her hip level.

“Oh, God…I can’t feel my own body….thank you, Sandy…stay with me like this, as long as you can…As long as you want to…I’m yours now, and yours only…only You can satisfy me,” Varsha kept talking, crazily.

Where were they? When was the time? Will this be the end…?

~Story ends

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